1950’s Inspired M6886

Hey Guys,

I’ve been sewing up a storm these past few weeks. I have several pieces to post over the next 3 weeks.

Today’s post is another M6886 dress made up in a black soft and luscious Mohair. This dress is destined to be a fast favorite.

I love this dress so much. It’s got a vintage classy vibe that takes me back to the time period that my mom was born….the 1950’s.

I love this pattern so much because it can be manipulated in so many ways designwise. By just changing up the fabric a dress made using this pattern can easily go from effortless casual to super dressy.

Pattern Adjustments

  • Because my waist sits high on my body, I removed 1.5 inches between the bust and waistline.
  • I added 1.5 inches between the waist and hips.
  • I cut a size 14 and increased the hips to a size 18.

How I Wore It

For this version I added a super long sash that can either be worn double wrapped around the waist (as shown here) or left hanging long.

This dress doesn’t need much when it comes to accessories. I added an off-white beaded statement necklace and snake print heels.

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