Charcoal Gray Maxi



Hey There,
My husband and I just recently celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.  I wanted to make a dress to wear that I could dress up for the occasion but also wear dressed down for other occasions.

Even though its winter, I didn’t want to make anything long sleeve because  I figured that short sleeve or sleeveless would be the most versatile because it could be layered for cooler months and worn as is in warmer months.

I decided to use a Charcoal Gray colored Men’s wool suiting blend for my dress.  It drapes and holds pleats beautifully.  It is light to medium weight and was very comfortable to wear in 39 degree here.  I imagine that I should be able to wear this dress at least 3 seasons.

This dress was made by combining the bodice of Project Runway Simplicity 1610 with the Skirt of  Mimi G. Simplicity 1159 (pleated instead of gathers). I fell in love with the bodice of Simplicity 1610 but I wanted hidden pockets so I used the skirt from Simplicity 1159.  At first I tried the gathers, but they were not that flattering on me, so I free styled some pleats.

I absolutely love the final product.  This dress is a blank canvas and  can be dressed up or dressed down.

Pattern Alterations/Modifications

Short Waist – I have a short waist so I removed 1 inch from the bodice.  Because of this adjustment I should have added an additional inch to the skirt, but I didn’t realize it until I had already cut out the skirt.  I ended up putting in a very narrow hem on the bottom to compensate the lost inch.

I also cut the skirt front on the fold instead of cutting two separate pieces per the written instructions.

As mentioned earlier, I added pleats instead of gathers.  The pleats were more flattering to my thicker midsection.


  • To add a little more drama and fullness to the skirt, I added an easy self-made tulle petticoat .  I also wore flats so that the skirt would graze the floor.
  • I layered two black/silver Statement necklaces and threw on a pair of matching earrings.
  • As a topper I wore a black & gray tartan short over coat. (not shown)



Hey There


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I’m Angie H. and this is my new personal style blog .. Style By Intuition and  I am totally  excited that you stopped by today. I’m now in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe piece by piece.

Back in 2015 I decided that I was tired of walking into my OVER stuffed closet filled with NOTHING  that I wanted to wear ( Seriously, I was wearing the same 4-5 pieces over and over). So I decided to just get rid of all of the stuff that I wasn’t wearing for what ever reason.

It literally took me almost a year  and several closet raids to let it  all go….. but I finally got it done! 

Instead of rushing out to replace the clothes that I had let go of, I realized that I needed to figure out what I really needed and wanted in my closet; my personal style; and what looked good on me.  If I didn’t do this first,  I would just end up sewing and buying  all of the wrong things again and ultimately ending up right back where I started. 

So now I think that I have things figured out to a point where I am ready to start shopping and sewing again.

My goal is to build a  modern stylish wardrobe using mostly sewn, rescued, and bargain priced pieces. Can it be done well?  Can it be done with out me looking like I’m wearing a Home Ec project or like I stepped straight out of the 80’s? I think so ….. but I’ll let you be the judge.

I’ll be posting  my makes and finds (good and bad) along with a few style lessons learned along the way.

I’m currently working on an outfit to wear to celebrate my upcoming wedding anniversary.  I will be posting about it on the blog soon. See you then.

Angie H.