The Little Red Dress

I started this dress back in October but didn’t finish it until today.  Sure it’s a simple design but the process of sewing is anything but simple for me for a whole lot of different reasons. (More about that another time)

I purchased this fabric from Fine Fabrics (my favorite fabric spot of the moment).  It is a huge warehouse filled with any and every color and type of fabric that you can imagine. Unfortunately, the fabrics are not labeled and I am not absolutely sure what fabric type this is beyond knit.  I am guessing that it is probably a double knit, possibly a medium weight Ponte?

I purchased this fabric in the color red because it was one of the 2017 fashion trends that I knew that I could wear now and years later without really dating myself.  In my opinion the color red is more of a classic than a trend.

I also knew that I wanted to use Mccall’s 6886 as the base for my design.  My 1st idea was to make another turtleneck dress with bishop sleeves but somehow the turtleneck design didn’t feel quite right for the weight of my chosen fabric. And besides that, I really wanted to do something different, something more along the lines of a cocktail dress that could be worn on a night out with my husband.

Basically, I was stalled over the next two months until two days ago when I decided to go with an off the shoulder neckline.  I really love this look on me because it draws attention to my neck, shoulders and decollete which are slimmer parts of my body.

Although this is usually a quick and easy pattern to sew, this version was not so quick and easy because of the design changes that I made and also because of the weight that I have lost since the last time that I used my altered copy of Mccalls 6886.

Design Alterations

  • Only used the back and sleeve pattern pieces for this dress version
  • Removed 6 inches from the top of the bodice
  • Adjusted sleeve to match modified bodice top
  • Added width to bottom of sleeve by slashing and spreading pattern piece
  • Added 2.5 inch cuff to each finished sleeve to create bishop sleeves
  • Added 1″ deep 5.5 inch long inverted pleat to top of the sleeve for a snugger fit
  • Added 2″ fabric encased elastic about an inch less than the width of my shoulders to the top edge of the bodice
  • Added 2 darts at neckline for better fit
  • Pegged the skirt hemline
  • Added a seam to the back of the dress for a better fit

    Style Details

    I wanted this look to be retro, edgy and cool. To add the cool retro edge I borrowed from a couple of 80’s music videos when choosing my hairstyle and shades.

    I have always loved that model girl from George Micheal’s Father Figure video. She was fierce, powerful, and HOT! I so wanted to be that girl with the dark baby banged bob. Wearing this baby banged bob unit (wig), I got to be this girl for a day.

    No need to even discuss the Aviators that George Micheal wore in his video for Faith. Pairing them with that black leather jacket really added a cool factor that was beyond words.

    To round out my look, I added a long goldtoned chain and my favorite gold toned hoops. 

    Because red and black are made for each other, I slipped on a pair of black fishnet stockings and heels