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The Black Corduroy Flares – Mimi G Style Simplicity 8655

Hey Guys,

Today I’m showcasing my new DIY stretch black corduroy flares made using Mimi G Style Simplicity 8655. I’m a 70’s child, so I LOVE me a pair of flares. I’m especially loving these because they are giving me major Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham vibes. These fit nice and skinny through the thigh and knee area with a flare that’s wide enough to sufficiently cover these size 10s.😂🤣😆

These pants were actually made up as a test garment for my upcoming collaboration post with Minerva Fabrics. I made this version in the flare leg style, but I’ll be featuring a skinny pant version for the collaboration .

So I’m going to be completely honest and transparent in this post. I am so in LOVE with these pants but I am NOT in love with this outfit. Something is off! 🤔 I’m not sure if it’s my styling, my awkward poses, or a combination of both.

I love having these back pockets. I was able to stick my oversize cell phone inside while we were taking pics

Pattern Changes & Alterations

Sewed 1 inch seam allowances – My hip measurement put me between a size 14 and a size 16. I went with a size 16 because I was terrified that the 14 wouldn’t work out. To my surprise the size 16 was too big. To offset this, I went with a 1 inch seam allowance instead of the standard 5/8 and I took a small chunk out at the center back seam. Making these small changes was just enough to fine tune the fit.

Lowered The Front Rise 1.5 inches – These pants are designed to sit 2 inches above the waistline, but this doesn’t work for me because I am short-waisted. There is only about a 4 inch distance between bust and waist so I really can’t afford to give up the 2 inches. For these pants I decided that I would bring the rise down by 1.5 inches.

Steps to Adjust The Rise

  • I added a line to the pattern about a quarter of an inch down from the dart point. I placed the pattern on top of my cutting mat so that I could use the grid as a guide to mark my line perpendicular to the grain line of my pattern.
  • Once my line was drawn, I slashed it from the inseam to the outer seam. When making that cut, I didn’t cut all the way through the outer seam because I needed to use the uncut edge as a hinge to move my top pattern piece downward to adjust the front rise. Doing it this way allowed me to keep the side seams where the front and back meet the same length.
  • When shortening the rise, I made sure to slide the top half of the pattern piece downward. I used my seam gauge to measure down 1.5 inches.

Added Length – I added 1.5 inches and added a 2 inch hem instead of the 3 inch hem allowance that is built into the pattern. So basically the pants were 2.5 inches longer than they would have been had I not made these adjustments. I added the extra length because I wasn’t 100% sure of the shoes that I would end up wearing with them. For me, this style looks best when it completely covers the feet and hangs really close to the floor.


Collective Concepts Chiffon Navy Leopard Print Top – I thrifted this top maybe 6 years ago and I still love it. I generally don’t go for leopard print clothing, but I really liked this top because I think that it is really fun and interesting in this color. I also love the way that it pops against the black.

Although I do love this top with black, I think it’s bugging me a little with these pants, especially, when worn with out the jacket. I “attempted” to tie the front ends and tuck the tails but I just couldn’t get it to work like I wanted it to.

Black Leather Moto Jacket – This was an anniversary gift from my husband 2 years ago. He purchased it on Amazon for around $120. It’s probably one of my favorite pieces because it adds edge to my outfits and makes me feel a little tough.

Accessories – I kept it simple by adding a pair of rose gold stud earrings and a pair of rose gold Aviator style sunglasses.


At the end of the day, I am really VERY happy with how well these pants turned out. I am going to go back and deepen the hem because the pants are still just a tad bit too long. I love these so much that I will be making up two more pair in denim. I highly recommend this pattern to anyone who wants good looking flares that are quick and easy sew.

I am hoping in the near future that I will get to restyle and re-shoot these babies.

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The Winter White Trousers – Very Easy Vogue 9181 (Custom-Fit)

Let me start out by saying that making up these white boot leg trousers has been a goal of mine every since I saw the white pair that Mimi G made and wore here and the white pair that Erica B made and wore here .

Talk about SLEEK! These pants are E-VERY-THING. In addition to being a quick and easy sew, Vogue 9181 is also custom fit. This means that it can be sewn up to fit your flat, standard, or curvier backside. It doesn’t have pockets which is great for me because I wouldn’t want the extra bulk that pockets would add.

Sewing Details / Pattern Adjustments

  • I sewed a size 14 curvy but ended up removing a little more than an inch at the waist.
  • I added 2 inches to the leg length to compensate for my high heels.
  • The fabric that I used is a thick stretch woven. I purchased it from a local Fabric Outlets. Based on similar fabrics that I have seen online, it looks like it might be some sort of stretch gabardine. Although I love it for these pants, it was really tough to get a good press.


I love when I can find thrifted pieces that I wear on repeat. Pieces that fit into my wardrobe and mix well with the other pieces that I own. This fitted black Merona wool Saks Fifth Avenue sweater is definitely one of those pieces. It’s such a great basic piece that plays really well with lots of different style bottoms.

Because these pants sit pretty high on my waist, I felt like a fitted top would be most flattering. Initially I tried this black and white striped body suit, but I didn’t like how it showed through the pants.

I also added this thrifted patterned chocolate brown and white lightweight statement coat with an aqua lining. I really love the punch that it adds.

For accessories I added:

  • A pair of oversize pearl earrings and a triple strand pearl stretch bracelet
  • A black purse that I purchased from a small corner shop in Little Italy Manhattan while visiting New York
  • Black high heel booties that I picked up at the end of last season on clearance from Nine West
  • One of my favorite pair of Aviator style Sunglasses.


I definitely plan to make myself another pair of these pants in the color black as soon as I find another nice stretch woven.

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At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work? (My Review)


This is an “unpaid” review of Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening system. This post contains a discount code and a link for purchasing the system. If you use this link to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.

My Story

When I was younger, I used to get teased a lot by other kids in school about my teeth, and it bothered me to the point where I wouldn’t smile or talk too much when I was around other people.

Thankfully, the teasing stopped, and I eventually learned not to be overly concerned with other people’s opinions of me. I’ll admit that I do sometimes get a little self-conscious of my smile, but that’s usually only when I know that my teeth are not looking their best.

So, this past summer, I decided that I needed to give my smile a boost by whitening my teeth. I had already tried whitening toothpastes, but they were a no-go for me because I never really saw any noticeable results. So, this left me with three viable options:

  1. Whitening strips
  2. Teeth whitening kits
  3. Whitening done at a local dentist office

Right around the same time that I was deciding which option to go with, would you believe that I was contacted by the folks at Smile Brilliant? They asked me if I would be interested in trying out their home-based teeth whitening system and sharing my honest opinion here on the blog.

I have to admit that I was a little hesitant at first because I wasn’t 100% sure that a home whitening system would work for me. However, after seeing the amazing and believable results that other people were getting from using the Smile Brilliant system, I knew that I had to try it for myself.

Although Smile Brilliant provided me with a complete teeth whitening system to try out, they reassured me that I could be completely honest in my review, and I appreciated that.

My Results

Because I am a” cut right to the chase” kind of girl, here are my results after completing just 9 whitening sessions, most of which lasted for just 45 – 60 minutes each.

As you can see, the results are pretty good, considering the small amount of time that I invested. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the whitening gel had even improved the appearance of a tooth that had been permanently damaged due to a childhood injury caused by a fall.

My Challenges

When I first started my sessions, my intention was to quickly work my way up to 3 hour whitening sessions by the end of my third treatment. However, things did not work out as planned.

Right after starting the system, I found that my gums were sensitive. The trays would bother me a little when I would attempt to do whitening sessions on consecutive days. Fortunately, I figured it out. I applied a little petroleum jelly to the sensitive areas and started staggering my treatment days.

Because I didn’t start my 3 hour sessions as soon as I had planned, I went ahead and purchased an additional supply of whitening gel from the site. I plan to use some of it to add a few more whitening sessions, and some of it to use 2-3 months down the line to help maintain my results.

The Process

My Smile Brilliant Package ( sensitive kit)

I have created a brief overview of the Smile Brilliant process (See Below). The whole process is as easy as 1-2-3-4. Also, you can Click Here to see a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and Click Here to see a list of 10 Facts about teeth whitening that everyone should know.

Step 1 – Review, Choose, and Order Your Kit.
Smile Brilliant ships to most countries throughout the world. (Check FAQ for shipping and processing info)

Step 2 – Once you receive your kit. Create your impressions. Complete your Consent. Mail both the consent and impressions to the Lab.
Your kit should contain the following items:

  • An illustrated detailed instruction guide along with a list of tips to follow when creating your impressions
  • Mixable pastes that are used to create your impressions
  • Blue trays that are used to hold the putty used for making both your top and bottom impressions.
  • Whitening Gel (dentist-strength 22% carbamide peroxide) along with an illustrated detailed instruction guide for application
  • Desensitizing Gel (If you order the kit for sensitive teeth) along with an illustrated detailed instruction guide for application.

Step 3 – Once your impressions are received, the Lab will start to make your customized trays.
This process took about a week for me. I received an email to let me know when the trays were completed and shipped. (Check FAQ for shipping costs, processing and delivery time details)

Step 4 – Once you receive your customized trays, you are ready to get the whitening process started which involves:

  • Applying the whitening gel to your teeth using your customized trays. The sessions can last from 45 minutes up to 3 hours.
  • Applying the desensitizing gel in the same manner, immediately following the whitening gel. (When using the kit for sensitive teeth)

Final Thoughts

I had a really good experience using the Smile Brilliant whitening system. I feel like it was EXACTLY what I needed to improve my smile, and I am so grateful that I was extended the opportunity to try it out. Since the system is affordable and working so well for me, I’m even thinking about gifting my husband and our 3 kids with a system of their own.

If you are thinking about trying a whitening system, I would recommend that you check out what Smile Brilliant has to offer . They have kits for lightly, average, and heavily stained teeth and BEST OF ALL they offer a guarantee. Click here to see their guarantee!

I am very excited to announce that Smile Brilliant is offering a 15% discount to all of my readers AND the opportunity for one reader to win a full kit!*

Click the here to enter the giveaway

*The giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit. It will be open for 1 full week from the post date of this blog posting. The deadline to enter has been extended for another week. (Ends Sunday, October 27) It is open to residents of the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. (Make sure to enter your email address when submitting your entry)

If you want to order right now use my coupon code: stylebyintuition15 to get 15% off.

Until next time ………….


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Let’s Catch Up

Happy Fall Guys!

Today is my first official post of the season and it’s such a perfect and beautiful day here in Georgia.

Although Autumn started a couple weeks back, we have been experiencing record breaking 90+ degree temperatures here.

But today is different.  It’s really nice and cool here out on the deck, I wish you were here!


Since it’s been a while since my last post, I am super excited to start catching you guys up on my life and some of the projects that I’m working on.


To keep this post from being EXTRA long, I am breaking it up into multiple posts that I’ll be releasing over the next few weeks.


My next post will potentially be the most revealing and most uncomfortable post written to date, but I feel like it’s some thing that I need to share with you guys.


I should be finishing up my next post within the next day or so and hopefully releasing it before the week is out.

I should also be finishing up and posting a freshly sewn outfit as well.

So please stay tuned……
Angie H.