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The Amazing A-Line Shape

Hey There☺,

This week’s wardrobe wonder is the A-line sillouhette. It’s the one shape of dress, skirt, or coat that can work for all 6 body shapes.

If helps to give the illusion of curves for the straighter body shapes and nicely accommodates the hips of the curvier body shapes.

Style Details & History

Per Wikipedia, an A- line shape is one that is fitted to the upper hip by means of seams and darts.

Although the term was first coined by Christian Dior in 1955 as the label for his spring collection that year, the shape was not the shape that we understand the term to mean today.

Dior’s A-shape was a fingertip-length flared jacket worn over a dress with a full pleated skirt.

1950’s Dior silhouettes inspired by the shapes of letters. Includes the A-Shape. The Fashion Encyclopedia

In spring of 1958 Dior’s successor Yves Saint Laurent introduced the A-shape that we recognize to be an A-line today with his “Trapeze Line” which featured dresses flaring out dramatically from a fitted shoulder line.

Yves St Laurant – 1958 trapeze dress

A-line clothes remained popular in the 60’s and 70’s but disappeared in the 80’s.

By the late 90’s and early 2000’s they saw a revival.

Body Shapes Styling Ideas

As previously mentioned, this shape works well for all 6 body shapes. Length is best worn at or above the knee, below the calves, and maxi.

For oval body shapes dresses are best fitted to right below the bust. Skirts are best with a lower rise. Rise is the distance between your waist and crotch.

For a body shapes refresher click here.

My A-line Looks

I think this shape definitely flatters my “curvy” rectangle shape and it makes fitting my curvier bottom a lot easier.

My favorite length to wear is definitely midi or maxi. Check out a few of my A-line shaped pieces below.

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The Perfect Pencil Skirt – Mccalls 3830

Hey Guys,

I am BACK!😁 It feels strangely good and unfamiliar to have outfit photos on standby. I took these pictures 3 weeks ago on the same day that I took pics of my recent Vogue 9292 make shown here and here.

Normally I always end up scrambling to take pics on the same day that I publish my blog post. This was definitely not a normal day for me because I “needed” to take pictures of 5 different outfits.

I don’t love the background scenery of my neighborhood as much as I love the backgrounds of the random neighborhood and city spots where we usually go to take pics. I do, however, appreciate the time that we saved by not having to leave home.

Taking pics in my neighborhood also made it possible for me to take pictures of all 5 outfits in less than an hour because I was able to run into the house and quickly change.

Pattern Adjustments & Other Observations

My Strappy Nine West Shoes

McCall’s 3830 is definitely a favorite of many home sewers. As of today, there are over 100 reviews for this skirt on . Pattern review describes it as a Misses’ straight skirt, but McCall’s describes it as a Misses’ pencil skirt. I am agreeing with McCall’s on this one. I definitely think it’s more of a pencil skirt.

This pattern offers 5 different lengths ranging from midi to maxi. I chose the midi length for my version.

  • Sizing – I sewed view B in a size 16 with a 1 inch seam allowance and no other adjustments. My hip measurement usually puts me right between a 14 & 16 for fitted bottoms. I’ve tried the sizing both ways and I personally prefer a larger size with more seam allowance.
  • Short waist – If you are short waisted like me, I highly recommend this style because it has no waistband. That means that it doesn’t eat up valuable real estate.
  • Fit – One other great feature of this skirt is that the design allows more room for my fuller thighs. When the skirt bottom is pegged too much or cut too slim in the thigh area, the skirt tends to ride up when I walk. This makes me crazy because I find myself constantly tugging at my skirt.

How I Styled It

I really love the look of a classic midi length pencil skirt but I wanted mine to be a little edgy so I opted to use the same fabric that I used for my Simplicity 8655 skinny pants shown here. This stretch cotton sateen was perfect. It sewed up beautifully.

  • Top – I created two different looks for this skirt. For the first look I chose a simple black 3/4 sleeve tee and for the 2nd look I chose a thrifted black blazer and white button down. I’m not a lover of brown by itself but when black is added to the mix I start to feel differently about it.😍
  • Shoes – As with the tops, I stuck with the color black for both pair of shoes. I added a strappy black Nine West sandal for one look and a wide heeled Nine West pump for the second look.
  • If you have been following my blog for the past year, you probably realize by now how much I love Nine West shoes. I’d estimate that 90 – 95% of the my shoe wardrobe is Nine West because I love their styling and fit.
  • Accessories – I kept my accessories simple and gold toned. For the skirt and blazer outfit I added a gold brooch over the top button of my white button down.


A long time sewing goal of mine has been to find classic sewing pattern styles that I can sew on repeat. This pattern makes the cut. You will see it again on the blog.

As mentioned in my last post, I am currently working on a dress that I will wear for my upcoming 25th wedding anniversary photoshoot.

I really love the pattern that I picked and I hope to have some pics to share in an upcoming post.

Until next time …………..

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Atlanta Frocktails 2019: Pretty Meets Practical – Vogue 9292 (Pt. 2)

Hey Guys,

While growing up I can remember wishing that I could wear ALL of the pretty things. From as early as I can remember, I’ve always loved bright red lips, pointy toe heels, and fluffy full skirts. However, these were never the sort of things that my mama wore or dressed us girls in.

As a Baby Boomer raised up in a household of 14, she developed a very practical approach to life. When it came to her clothes and accessories there were no formal or special occasion pieces. If she was invited to such an event, she just wore what she had.

If mama was still with us, I feel like she’d definitely approve of this dress because it’s not the sort of dress that gets worn once and thrown in the back of a closet.

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of attending Atlanta Frocktails hosted by Topstitch and Fabricate Studios. This is a social event where we home sewists get to meet up with other makers in our community wearing something that we’ve made.

How I Styled This Look

Makeup – With this look I was definitely going for more Glam than my previous look shown here. I traded in my everyday bronze lip for a red lip and also added red nail polish and a set of lashes.

Jewelry – If you look closely, you will see that there is silvery glitter on the denim. Using that as my cue, I added a drippy necklace and earring set along with an over sized matching ring.

Shoes/Purse – Because of how dark the dress is I went with a nude colored cross body clutch and a pretty pair of patent nude colored Nine West strappy sandals with a pointy toe of course.😍

Nude Cross Body Clutch
Nine West Strappy Nude Patent Sandals

I had such a great time at Frocktails and I definitely plan to attend again. My favorite part of the whole night was hanging out in the selfie station with my sew sisters. ( I have got to get me one of those.🀣)

Gonna leave you guys with a few random selfie pics from the night. Until the next time……

How I Wore It

The Forest Green Halter Maxi Dress

Hey Guys,

Popping in with one of my latest thrifted finds. I picked this forest green beauty up at a local Goodwill for around $7 with the tags still attached.

According to the label, the brand is Fee Et Rit. I Googled the brand but I wasn’t able to find any information about it or find any where this brand is still being sold retail.

The fabric is a washable polyester rayon spandex. I washed it prior to wearing it for this shoot, and it held up well.

This is a size 4 which is NOT my usual size (I usually wear a size 8/10) but it fits great because of the stretch.

I really love the back tie closure. I could easily have pulled the ties around to the front or worn the dress backwards to create a pussy bow look.

How I Styled It

I personally prefer a minimalist approach to styling. A few well chosen statement accessories usually make me happy.

I thought that black would play very well with this shade of green, so all of my chosen accessories were black.

Round Black Framed Sunnies & Black Gold Accented Tassel Earrings

Black Gold Accented Clutch Purse

Black Gladiator Sandals (Crown Vintage- DSW)


Although I really, really love thrifting, I don’t think that I always make the best choices so I always try to take my older sister along to give me an objective second opinion.

I was really happy when she gave me the green light on this dress.

Do you like to thrift shop? If so, I’d love to hear some of your thrifting tips below.

Until next time.

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The Ankara Mini Dress – S8124 Review

Hey Guys,

Dropping in with my 2nd look from our Atlanta Sewing Style summer photo shoot.

I’m sure you recognize this beauty!😍 That’s right it’s the popular Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 8124 mini dress.

I made it using an african wax print that I picked up from


Pattern Description:

Pattern Sizing: I cut a size xtra small.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Sure

Were the instructions easy to follow? Extremely easy.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love how quick and easy this dress is. I also love the use of 1″ elastic for the neckline and wrist bands. I think it looks so much nicer than the narrower elastic used in some other designs I’ve seen.

Fabric Used: African Wax Print purchased from a locally based company.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I added a 2″ hem instead of the suggested 4″ hem. I wanted my dress to have more of an A-Line shape so I redrafted the sides. I also added pockets.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes I will definitely be making another. I highly recommend this pattern if you like this style

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The White 2-Piece Pant Set

AtlantaSewingStyle just finished our very first summer photo shoot over the weekend. We made an outfit featuring all white and another using Ankara.

This is my white look or what I like to call my White Party look.

Because my last two looks for our group shots were both maxi dresses, I really wanted to make a pants outfit this time.

I originally thought of making a jumpsuit but I still have the white crepe jumpsuit that I made a few years ago using Vogue 1506…… See Here. I thought I’d get more wear out of white seperates than a white jumpsuit.

For the pants I used Mccall’s 7757 and for the top I used Mccall’s 7786 View A. Previously made here and here.

The fabric is a white mid weight cotton tshirt knit picked up locally from the Fabric Joint!

Pattern Adjustments/Changes


  • When I previously made this pattern I had cut off the top of the pattern at the foldline because I added a seperate waistband instead of going with the folded down waistband. I add a seperate elasticized waistband this time also. The waistband I added is 2 inches tall. This time I also removed about 1.5 inches from both the front and back crotch height so that the waistand stopped right around my belly button.
  • I lined the pants.
  • I omitted the pockets because of how clingy the fabric is and I didn’t want to add bulk to my upper thigh area.



  • No changes other than I serged both the bottom edge of the top and the ruffle instead of hemming. I wish I had lined the bodice but I didn’t have enough fabric for that.
  • I originally cut a size 12 but it was too big around the chest area. I recut a size 10 and grated out to a 14 below the waist.



Final Conclusion

I really loved wearing this outfit. It was just as easy to wear as it was to make.

I’ll be posting my Ankara look in a couple of days but until then I’ll leave you with a few more of my favorite pics from the shoot.

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The Thrifted Blue & White Infinity Dress – Confessions and Changes

Hey Guys,


I’m Dropping in with a Mini post featuring this Infinity maxi dress that I rescued from my local Goodwill for $6.99.This is actually the first Infinity piece that I’ve ever owned and it “may” possibly be the last.



Seriously I don’t know how I feel about this dress…..It is a cute dress and I REALLY adore the large graphic blue and white floral print but I am not really feeling too comfortable wearing a dress that doesn’t allow for traditional undergarments if you know what I mean. (My girls are begging for the support of a back strap…lol)





But that’s the beauty of thrifting a garment when you sew. If you don’t love it exactly the way that it is, you can change it.So I am pretty sure that this dress will be a future refashion when I get up the nerve to go back down that road again.Which leads me nicely to the subjects of refashioning and thrifting.



When I started this blog 3 years ago it was my goal to feature both thrifted and refashioned garments BUT somewhere along the way I got caught up !!!!I was featuring mostly sewn garments hoping that it would help me to be more accepted in the online sewing community and also help me to grow my blog following. CRAZY RIGHT???πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜¬This faulty reasoning ultimately lead to me feeling like I could only post when I had a sewing project to feature.





And with a full-time job and other life responsibilities, who needs that added pressure in their lives? I know I don’t.All that said, this post is the dawn of a new day and a turning point for



Over the next few weeks I’ll be making some changes to the blog to bring it more in line with my original vision.I do hope that you like them. In the meantime, feel free to drop a few lines in the comment section below. I love hearing from you and your feedback is always appreciated and welcomed.



Until next time….

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The Knit Caftan Dress – S8911

Hey Guys,


Today’s make: Simplicity 8911 is a real gem. This may be the best dress I’ve ever made to date….SERIOUSLY.Not only was it easy to make, I feel like it’s super comfortable and flattering to my bodyshape.


I was initially going to make this in a different knit fabric but I soon realized when I went to cut it out that It wasn’t the correct width, in fact it was not even the correct type of knit.My original fabric had a two-way stretch and not the 4 way stretch that the pattern called for.After searching through my stash I came up with this black and buttery soft 4 way stretch piece that had just the right number of yards requested on the pattern.



I’ll admit that I was not overjoyed about making a black long sleeve summer dress but at the time it was all that I had that would work.The fact that it was black and long sleeve bothered me so much that I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it…..and then the thought occured to me that I could possibly convert it into a strapless and halter style just by manipulating the sleeves. And there you have it.




I cinched the sleeves together with a black covered rubberband and twisted and tucked each one.




I simply turned the dress around to the back and tied the sleeves around my neck.A different variation, can be done by leaving the V-Neck in front and crossing the sleeves over one another and tying around the neck. This creates a keyhole halter effect. I had planned to show this one but forgot about it when we started taking pictures.



Off Shoulder/V-Neck/Bateau

Off Shoulder was simple. It can be done with the V-neck side in front or with the dress turned backwards.

The dress turned backwards creates a bateau like neckline.



This is such an awesome dress with so many styling possibilities. It’s great for kicking around the house and so much more.



I am definitely planning to add more of these to my wardrobe.



Pattern Review

Pattern Sizing: I made a small in view C.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? It’s quick and easy. Only two pieces.

Fabric Used: 4 way stretch jersey.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I cut the back on the fold because I planned to wear the back as the front. I like the way it looks without the seam.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? yes & yes.

Conclusion: I really love this dress. I was able to style it so many different ways.

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The Black Maxi Cardigan – B6495

Just dropping in to give a quick review of one of my latest makes. I purchased a maxi cardigan from Old Navy last year but I wasn’t totally sold on the style.

I decided to give it another shot but this time I decided to make my own using some of the fleece lined Jersey that I also used to make my Bardot style top (click here) and Victoria Beckham inspired top (click here).

In retrospect I could have bought a pattern already long enough with pockets but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the style so I decided to modify a pattern that I already owned.

In the end it was a fun make. I freestyled some interesting patch pockets and also had the satisfaction of using and modifying a pattern that I already owned.

I am super happy with the results.


Pattern Description: Misses’ Knit Off-the-Shoulder Top, Dress and Jumpsuit, Jacket, and Pull-On Pants
Close-fitting top, dress and jumpsuit have off the shoulder neckline and sleeve options. Jacket is very loose fitting. Close-fitting pull-on pants have wide waistband.

I made the Jacardigan (At least that’s what I’m calling it)

Pattern Sizing: I made it in a size 14.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? For the most part yes….just longer and with pockets.

Were the instructions easy to follow?Very Easy.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?I have no dislikes. I originally bought the pattern for the top but thought that I would rather use it to try out making a maxi cardigan.

Fabric Used:Fleece Lined Jersey

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:< I added length. I think 15 inches. I added a pair of patch pockets that I free styled after watching a you tube video to get a general Idea of how to draft my own.

Would you sew it again?I think I will make at least one more if I can find the right fabric. I’d love some sort of bold graphic print.

Conclusion:Β  Great pattern. Would have gone a whole lot faster if I hadn’t made any modifications.