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The Amazing A-Line Shape

Hey There☺,

This week’s wardrobe wonder is the A-line sillouhette. It’s the one shape of dress, skirt, or coat that can work for all 6 body shapes.

If helps to give the illusion of curves for the straighter body shapes and nicely accommodates the hips of the curvier body shapes.

Style Details & History

Per Wikipedia, an A- line shape is one that is fitted to the upper hip by means of seams and darts.

Although the term was first coined by Christian Dior in 1955 as the label for his spring collection that year, the shape was not the shape that we understand the term to mean today.

Dior’s A-shape was a fingertip-length flared jacket worn over a dress with a full pleated skirt.

1950’s Dior silhouettes inspired by the shapes of letters. Includes the A-Shape. The Fashion Encyclopedia

In spring of 1958 Dior’s successor Yves Saint Laurent introduced the A-shape that we recognize to be an A-line today with his “Trapeze Line” which featured dresses flaring out dramatically from a fitted shoulder line.

Yves St Laurant – 1958 trapeze dress

A-line clothes remained popular in the 60’s and 70’s but disappeared in the 80’s.

By the late 90’s and early 2000’s they saw a revival.

Body Shapes Styling Ideas

As previously mentioned, this shape works well for all 6 body shapes. Length is best worn at or above the knee, below the calves, and maxi.

For oval body shapes dresses are best fitted to right below the bust. Skirts are best with a lower rise. Rise is the distance between your waist and crotch.

For a body shapes refresher click here.

My A-line Looks

I think this shape definitely flatters my “curvy” rectangle shape and it makes fitting my curvier bottom a lot easier.

My favorite length to wear is definitely midi or maxi. Check out a few of my A-line shaped pieces below.

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Another Ankara Maxi – Simplicity 1059

Happy Saturday Guys,

Dropping in to share the details of another recent make. It is the second look that I created for our recent SewingAtlantaStyle photo shoot. This look was created for the Rock Your Style Theme.

I have to admit that I really struggled in choosing what to make for both of my looks but in the end I listened to my heart.

If I had to label my style, I’d say I’m definitely a bold classic girl. I am drawn to simple classic shapes made up with bold graphic prints or simple solids accesorized with statement pieces.


For this look I went with this beautiful blue Ankara that I purchased from Wax Prints Lace and More. The owner reached out to me on Instagram after I’d commented about another beautiful print that I’d seen someone else wearing on their post.

I have fallen in love with Ankara. It’s just so easy to work with.


I used Simplicity 1059 for this look. I cut the size 12 with an extra .25 ” at the back and front side seams


My usual short waist adjustment.

Design Changes

  • Extended to maxi length
  • Made a matching interfaced Obi Belt using Mimi G’s free PDF. Although it gets lost in the print, I really love it and I plan to make more of these. I wore it knotted at the back but it can also be worn wrapped around and tied off in the front.
  • Of course I added pockets


McCalls 6102 – Review

Pattern Description:  Made for you. Petite- able 1 hour Aline shift dress.
Pattern Sizing: I made view c in a size 14 , D Cup. I’m a solid girl with a medium sized frame. It fit me great.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes ..but I think this dress looks better sewn up than it does in the illustration.

Were the instructions easy to follow? I actually followed a Threads You Tube Video for installing all In one facings…it seemed much easier to follow than the printed instructions.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I loved that there are only 4 pieces and that I had the option to pick my cup size. These factors make this pattern a winner for me.

Fabric Used: African Wax Print that I purchased from Ghana.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: My usual short waist adjustment.

Would you sew it again? This pattern is one that I intend to use again and again. It fits great.  The style works well with my body shape. The style is simple and can easily be altered for different looks.

Would you recommend it to others? I highly recommend this pattern if you like this style of dress.

Style Details: