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6 Easy Ways To Transform Your Style – (2020 Repost)

Hey Guys☺,I can’t believe this blog was launched a little more than 4 years ago back on January 4th of 2016.Very soon it will be time for me to renew both the site and domain name.Nowadays it seems like a lot of the bloggers that I have followed faithfully over the years no longer post regularly to their blogs.Most seem to have more of a regular presence over on Instagram.Seeing this trend has made me wonder if they know something that I don’t know. Is blogging slowly becoming a thing of the past? I’ve even questioned if it even makes sense for me to keep pouring time, money, and effort into having a blog in 2020 if the masses are all over on Instagram.Up until now, I haven’t been faithfully tracking the number of people who have visited the blog since it launched 4 years ago. Frankly, I’ve just been afraid to look because I didn’t want to get discouraged if I looked and saw that not too many people were checking it out.Today I decided to face my fears and take a look at my yearly stats since 2016 and I was ASTOUNDED. Check this out:

  • 2016 – the site had only 649 views from January 2 – December 31, 2016.
  • 2017 – the site had 1040 views for the whole year.
  • 2018 – the site had 1424 views for the whole year.
  • 2019 – the site had 9,173 views for the whole year.😲😲😲

Based on the steady increase in numbers, I’m completely blown away and encouraged to keep the blog going for now.

Now On To the Subject of This post…….I thought it would be good to refresh and repost this blog post from June 2, 2016 because I feel like my own personal style could use a refresher. A lot has changed with me since then and I anticipate even more changes to come.In addition to my ongoing Wardrobe series, I thought it might also be fun for me to move through the 6 steps myself and post my progress here on the blog.To kick things off I am republishing the full post with a few side notes and link updates.Starting next Wednesday, I’ll start breaking down each of the 6 steps and detailing my current experience and feelings about that step……………Post Start…………I’ve always loved watching Style Makeover shows like “What Not to Wear”, “Ambush Makeover”, and “Love Lust or Run”. I’ve always secretly wished that I could get a makeover one day. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make myself over.Below I have listed 6 easy ways that I have been transforming my style while working with a limited budget. Many of the tips listed below do require a small investment of time and/or money but will yield a high return when it comes to transforming your style.

1. Change Your Hair

“If Your Hair is Done Properly and You Are Wearing Good Shoes, You Can Get Away With Anything” Iris Apfel

A great hairstyle can make you look and feel good in any and everything that you wear. More importantly, your hairstyle says something about who you are as a person, just like the clothes you wear.Changing up your hair color, hair texture, and hair length can easily be done by the hands of a capable professional hairstylist OR by throwing on a hair piece.While You Tube Videos, Blog tutorials, and Pinterest are also options for any who would prefer to take the DIY route …. I personally prefer to leave my hair cuts and major hair color changes to the professionals.

2. Have A Professional Beauty Consultation

Makeup and hair go hand in hand. With the proper hairstyle, all eyes will be on your face so use a little color to highlight your best features.I’ve had to opportunity to be made over by a professional MUA (Make Up Artist). Having a face to face session was invaluable because she was able to give me advice tailored to my specific needs.I highly recommend setting up at least one face to face session with a make up professional, so that you can get color recommendations;thereafter, you can get a lot of great tips and tutorials on You Tube and from books, blogs, and magazines. Even a friend or family member who is good with makeup might be a great resource.

*Below is a picture to show the difference that a good haircut and a little makeup can make.

3. Invest In Accessories

I LOVE accessories! They are an easy way to turn a basic outfit into something really special. Head wraps, Big hoops, Statement necklaces, Statement shoes, and Sunglasses are definitely a few of my favorite accessories of the moment.Because I am still building my wardrobe and I don’t have that many pieces, I rely very heavily on my accessories to keep my basics fresh and interesting.When it comes to accessorizing, I am definitely not an expert. But I have learned some very good guidelines from a book that I purchased from Amazon a few years back: The Finishing Touch – Perfecting the Art of Accessorizing, by Imogen Lamport.For the most part, I let my gut have the final say when it comes down to which accessories I choose to wear with my outfit. If I love it and it feels right, I go with it.

4. Learn and Dress For Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape is so important because it will help you to recognize what styles will and won’t work for your body. Thankfully there is no shortage of advice on the subject. A host of information can be readily found in Books, on Blogs, Forums, and Pinterest.What worked for me. For me figuring out my body shape was a real challenge until I discovered On that website, I found a forum where I was able to upload a picture of myself and receive objective feedback about my body shape. With the help of the awesome ladies on this site, I discovered that I am a short waisted Racy Rectangle. Since posting this 4 years ago, I’ve also discovered that I am not a textbook rectangle. I have a mixed shape. I’ll be explaining this more in an upcoming post.Once you have your body shape sorted out, you can find lots of information in books or online to help you to dress it.

5. Identify Your Style

Identifying your style can also be a real challenge. There are also many online and written quizzes that are designed to help you to figure this out, but these never really helped me.What worked for me. I read a couple blog entries on the subject over on a blog called Girl About Downtown. (Unfortunately this blog is no longer online 😣). After reading these posts, I discovered that finding my personal style was really a very simple process. All I had to do was to write down 3 words to describe how I wanted others to see me when they looked at me and choose my pieces accordingly. OMG so simple! Those 3 words along with my body shape and lifestyle are the primary filters that I use when deciding on what pieces I will keep, buy, or sew.

6.Take Inventory Of Your Current and Future Wardrobe Pieces

After you have Identified your body shape and personal style you will know what pieces will fit best into your wardrobe. Ultimately the only items that you want to have in your closet or plan to purchase should:

  • flatter your body shape
  • fit you properly
  • feel good on
  • pass through your 3 word filter
  • fit your lifestyle

Now I’m not suggesting that you get rid of everything in your closet. For most people, this will be a process. Some of your current pieces can be re-worked to fit until you can find a suitable replacement. We will explore some strategies for re-working these pieces in future posts.