The Graphic Tee – How To Wear It.

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Hey Guys,

I hope this post finds you doing well and in good spirits during these challenging times. I’m so excited to finally be kicking of my wardrobe series 😁.

Deciding which wardrobe piece to start with has been quite the challenge for me. With so many options to choose from, I was having trouble picking.

About a week ago, I finally decided. My husband and I were getting ready for a client photo shoot and I was trying to decide what I was going to wear. The shoot was about a 2 hour drive away from where we lived and once we arrived I would be running around styling and photographing the client. In this situation I knew that comfortable and stylish pieces would be key.

While rambling through my dresser drawers, I came across this cute graphic T-Shirt that I had purchased a year ago but never worn. It was the perfect solution. After adding a black blazer,a pair of black skinnies, and my favorite pair of black and white canvas sneakers I was ready to go.

Graphic tees are definitely among my favorite pieces to wear because they are really comfy to wear AND they make me feel cool and current. I own them in several different colors and styles and my absolute favorite way to wear them is under a blazer.

The History

Marlon Brando – A Street Car Named Desire

I love learning about the history of fashion. I am always amazed at how a piece of clothing often starts out as a functional utilitarian piece but later becomes fashion. The T-shirt is no exception.

This post isn’t meant to cover all the history or all the different styles of T-shirts. Today’s focus is just the graphic tee. I’ll delve into other styles of T-shirts in future posts.

According to Wikipedia, the T-shirt started out as undergarments in the 19th centry but evolved into general-use casual clothing by the mid-20th century.

The T-shirt became more popular and fashionable after Marlon Brando wore one in A Streetcar Named Desire.

A graphic tee is a T-shirt that has printed pictures and/or words on it. Since the 1960’s this style of T-Shirt has flourished as a form of self expression. Since then they have been used to market products, to celebrate pop culture, to commemorate events and to make a personal or political statements.

Graphic Tee Styling Ideas

There are not many options when it comes to the style of sleeves or necklines for the Graphic Tee, so the styling suggestions presented below will focus on how you can style and wear what’s available on the market. Need a body shape refresher? Click Here

Hourglass. V-necks and fitted silhouettes are best when available. When the t-shirt is not fitted you should tuck in the t-shirt or knot a the waist. Pair with a pencil skirt and a pair of heels.

Rectangle – You are free to wear a crew or v-neckline. Choose a longer t-shirt length and a lower waistline when possible to allow for partial or faux tucking. Remember to also roll up your sleeves for a more polished look.

Apple – V-neck styles are best when available. Pair with an open front cardigan worn with a matching bottom. Three quarter sleeves are great but if not available a pushed up or rolled up sleeve will look just as good.

Oval – Pair with an open blazer worn with a matching bottom. Three quarter sleeves are great but if not available a pushed up or rolled up sleeve will look just as good.

Triangle – You are free to wear crew or v-neck styles. Feel free to add a statement necklace if that is your thing. Bright colors are also good for you. Pair with a pretty midi skirt for a cool look.

Inverted Triangle – V-neck styles are best for you. Three quarter length raglan style sleeves are also good if you find them. You can pair your Graphic Tee with boyfriend jeans, flares, or wide leg pants to achieve a no fail look.

Final Thoughts

So maybe you are thinking to yourself that Graphic Tees are not your thing, but try to keep an open mind. A Graphic Tees can be styled in so many different ways and can easily be customized with words and/or graphics to suit your personal tastes.

As always your feedback is welcome. I always love hearing from you guys so please feel free to drop a comment below or reach out to me via my contact form. I usually respond within 24 hours.

Angie H.