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Local Business Spotlight – Fashions By RoPuddles

Hey Guys,

Surprise!!!! I’m popping in again this week to feature a dress I purchased back in 2019 from one of my favorite local based online shops.

I am not being paid or compensated by RoPuddles in any way for this post so I feel like I can be 100% honest and upfront here. In fact, Roshanna had no prior knowledge that her online store is being featured on my blog today.😬☺

I really love supporting small businesses and local vendors when I can because I don’t ever want to live in a world where my main options for buying clothes are Amazon.com or some other faceless online giant.

A Little More About Fashions By RoPuddles

I discovered Fashions By RoPuddles over on Instagram a little more than a year ago. I really liked the look of the items that Roshanna was offering but I really wanted to see them in person so that I could do a quality check. When I found out that she was doing a pop-up shop over near where I lived, I jumped at the chance to meet up with her.

I was blown away by both the quality and the prices.

Since then I’ve purchased several pieces from Roshanna and each time it’s always been a great experience. Her customer service has always been top notch and the pieces that I’ve purchased have always been good quality and well made.

Roshanna offers unique pieces that you don’t see everywhere. Many of the pieces offered are classic styles with a modern twist.

Her shop has Ready To Wear (RTW), Signature Couture skirts and African print fabrics. I’ve purchased fabrics and RTW. To my surprise I found that many of the RTW pieces are made right here in the USA and are very reasonably priced.

The Dress

When I saw this dress, it was love at first sight. I loved EVERYTHING about it. It’s a classic midi length wrap dress made up in a bold and graphic Ankara print with all the colors that I am loving right now.

This dress is one size fits most. I’ve never purchased a dress with this type of sizing but surprisingly it worked out pretty good for me. I’d say that it could fit a small (with alterations) up to a large.

Thanks to the sleeveless bodice, full skirt, and ties at the waist it can easily be altered or adjusted for different body sizes. Having put on a few pounds since I bought this dress a few months ago, I can definitely appreciate this feature.

I also like that this dress can be worn 3 seasons and that this style would also be flattering on most body shapes.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, I think that this particular dress is no longer available but she’s got new pieces coming in all the time and a lot of other pieces in stock that are definitely worth checking out.

So make sure you go and check her out at RoPuddles.com. She can also be found over on IG as RoPuddles.

Because I’ve decided to take this year off from making new purchases, I personally won’t be making any new purchases for myself but I’ve got two other dresses that I purchased last year that I hope to feature on the Blog at some point this year.